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Friday 23 May 2014

Jovan Stevabovic is back in my blog with "Low Life Dream Editorial".

So do you remember the fabulous Serbian designer "Jovan Stevanovic"? I bet you do. He isn't someone you can easily miss or forget (wink). Yes so he is back in my blog this month and I am more than happy to be featuring him for the third time. I love his work. His rebellious designs looks like a collaboration between Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert. Fearless and Raunchy are what I like to call his designs. 

This time Jovan went all the way to Italy to shoot an editorial with a photographer from the US called Katherine Primeau. The editorial is titled "Low Life Dream" Editorial. I was having a one on one conversation with the brilliant designer himself and he said-

I met Katherine in Florence Italy and we came up with the idea of doing an editorial shoot presenting the beauty of Florence in a different way and in a different level altogether. Florence is a place or art and what better place to do a shoot then. 
The stylist who worked with us is from Germany. The concept of the editorial was "Chameleon", representing a boy who changes himself with moment and time not letting anyone overshadow him.

Well then Jovan, it is job well done. Take a look at the pics. I think it is rare for a designer to design clothes and act as a model as well but Jovan just nails it even as a model. I mean the pictures are speaking for itself. I need not say that! 

Photographer- Katherine Primeau
Stylist -Heike Fiedler
Model-Jovan Stevabovic
Hair & makeup- Serena Hill

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