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Friday 16 May 2014

Dear God NO's of Fashion!

You know how all the fashionista's and fashionisto's talk about Fashion Do's and Don'ts? Yeah the place where they tell you what to wear and what not to wear? Yeah I decided that I'm gonna take it a notch higher and talk about fashion crimes. Fashion visuals that compel us to say "Dear God No" "Stop this please" etc etc. Hey listen. I am no perfect alright, I mean God did not send me to planet Earth with a license of looking at someone and pointing out. No, that's not my birth right but if it were then I would gladly be a Fashion Police because in my head I am Joan Rivers

While Bangalore city is continuously fashionably growing , there are still a majority of men sporting something that is crime enough to be in jail and I cannot help but pin pointing it out. I mean I really don't know how and where it came from but someone definitely started it and that person should be shot dead if you ask me. (Am I too cruel? yeahh.. well ... deal with it.... easy doesn't do it). 

So000....Ladies and Gentlemen and those who are still deciding their gender, here is "Dear God NO's" of Fashion? 

  1. White socks with dress shoes- If you love yourself and if you wanna get laid then please don't do this (wait... what does the color of your sock has to do with you getting laid? Dont listen to me). Ask women how they feel about it. I have done my own little research and trust me .... it's a knock off.  White socks are only made for sports. Wear to the gym, wear it when you go out for a run, or to play some kind of sport or hell just wear it when you are wearing a white shoes for some odd reason but do not wear it with a dress shoes and with your formal clothing and certainly not when you go for a job interview and even if you do then make sure that the interviewer does not notice it. Just make sure you match your sock with either your shoes or your pants. Keep it coordinated, unless you wanna sport printed socks. 

  2. Ill fitted suits/clothing- Getting a perfect suit done for yourself is an art. Your suit must look like it has been made just for you (call it a couture if you'd like). Your suit should be exclusively made for you, falling perfectly on your body and hugging it in all the right places. I always advice to get a tailor made/Bespoke suit done. Not only suits but any other outfit for that matter. The Fit does matter.We all are not blessed with a perfect standard sized male body type so the best way out is to get yourself a tailor made suit otherwise you will end up looking hideous like these Bollywood gentlemen who according to me either have a really bad stylist or they just do not know the meaning of "Style".

  1. Socks with your flip flops or sandals- Oh Lord, I once got into this trap of wearing socks with sandals which I am so glad that I am out of. Phewwwwww......it was back in the days when I was in college.  Boys... listen.... you do not look "COOL" wearing socks with your sandals or flip flops. Please stop this heinous crime. The only time you should be wearing socks with your sandals or flip flops is when you are at home on a cold winter night near the fire place or heater trying to feel all cozy.

  2. Wear your size- Now, I understand that all of us want to get into that one desired shape and size but then again like I mentioned earlier, not all of us are blessed with the perfect standard size male body type. So please know your body and dress accordingly. If you are a large size man then try to cover up, wear lose fitted clothes, hide your muffin top and beer gut. Wearing ill fitted clothes will not only make you feel uncomfortable but will also bring your confidence level down.  

  3. Sneakers with suits- Do not do this unless your Justin Timberlake or rich and famous becoz they are the only ones who can do that and get away with it. So please save yourself from some agony and not wear this ensemble.  

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