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Friday 10 January 2014

Jovan Stevanovic launched a new collection- " King of Hearts".

Remember Jovan? The Serbian designer who adamsapplelist featured in the blog last year? The same guy we labelled " Guilty for being Charming"? If you missed reading that post then click here.

Photo by Jovana Miladenovic
So last month or rather last year in December 2013, Jovan launched a new collection called " King of Hearts" and boy oh boy...... it sure took me for a spin. 

If I could sum it up in one word then it would be "Rebellious". Oh yes... this collection is for fearless people. They say that your clothes speak for you, they tell a story and this collection sure says " do what you want  and be who you are". Hey don't get me because the collection does have the cut of maturity in it. 

This collection is soooo a hybrid of Twilight vampires and Harry Potter'c characters. Every piece has a hidden story which needs to be unraveled. The collection brings together highly creative mixes of gender. 

Take a look- 

All the runway pictures have been taken by Dejan Radic

Well I can totally see myself wearing one of these outfits and rockin it. It's a different case that it's gonna be one hell of a sight on the "not so fashionable streets" of India but hey everything that is created today was once only imagined so never mind.. I'll take that.   

I was talking with the designer himself who is as sweet as a candy. He said-

"The collection has elements of underground style. I have mixed and matched materials that have never been tried before. If you'd notice then you will see that it's a 4 season collection because there are winter coats, top coats, spring jackets and t-shirts as well. 
It's a mix of sporty look  but still is dark and elegant. It's made for people with strong mind and strong personality".

Oh shucks..... so I am guessing it's not for me (puppy face). Our conversation proceeded and Jovan further told me little more details- 

"The runway show took place in "Mixer" and the concept store is in Belgrade. It took me two months to finish it which is quite fast. I had to do it because I needed to move to Florence". 

Well Jovan, that was a job well done. It's new, creative, in sync with what you call "Underground" and what I call "Rebellious" very NOW and very OUT THERE.

If you guys want to stay connected with Jovan then follow the links given below.  


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