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Sunday 19 January 2014

10 Grooming Commandments for Men!

Let me just cut right to the chase instead of starting up with my yaps. Here is the list of 10 most essential grooming tips for men which I made last night. These small things make a lot of difference. 

  1. Stay hygenic. Keep your body, your hair and face always clean. Personal hygiene is very important. 
  2. Use cologne or deodorant to smell good and fresh. It's important to stay aware of your skin smell. 
  3. Always keep a mint spray or tic tac pack with you for you never know when you might need it, specially if you are eating something which has garlic and onion in it. Nothing is more turning off than bad breath no matter how good you look. 
  4. Shave regularly or if you have beard then trim it and shape it regularly to look sharp. Untrimmed beard gives a very sloppy appearance. 
  5. Avoid chewing gum in public. It's considered impolite. That's why keeping a mint spray or tic tacs are advisable. 
  6. Go for face massage every once in a while to keep your skin toned and use cold tea bags or cucumber slices to reduce the puffiness under the eyes.
  7. Please go for a manicure occasionally because un-managed hands are disgusting and women wont like it when you try to touch them at their precious places (wink). 
  8. Guys! Your testicles wont fall off if you go for a pedicure. Clean feet is not for anyone else but for your own sake. You will feel good about yourself and in the moment when you are taking a roll in the hay with your partner, she will love that about you too. Clean kept feet alright.. FETISH! 
  9. You prefer your partner to be clean shaved down there? then how about you doing the same too ha? Why should you make your partner floss her teeth with black curly threads of yours while charming your manhood? So get a little sensitive towards your partner too. 
  10. Last but not the least- always keep a clean handkerchief or just keep tissue papers so that you can use them and throw them away. Blowing nose in your handkerchief and keeping it back in your pocket is GROSS!  

Forgive me for this is the best I could find to put in this post. Have not done a photo shoot in a while. My photographer thinks I am too fat to fit in his camera so unless I shed like 20 pounds, I can kiss his ass! 

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