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Saturday 4 January 2014

Beyonce recruited Super Models for her new video.

Siren...........Siren...... Queen Beyonce recruited three fire bombs for her new music video "Yonce".

Yes Beyonce decided to feature 3 super models in her video and they are not just any supermodels, they are the runway models for the world's biggest fashion houses like Chanel,Gucci,Balenciaga, YSL,LV etc. Quite expected from Beyonce as she never settles down for less.
Watch the video. 

The teamed up models are- Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls and Jourdan Dunn and boy o boy did you notice Joan giving a small lick to Beyonce's boobies or what I like to call them "Jay Z's fun bags". 

The video shows all the girls seducing the camera and if you'd notice then you will see that Beyonce did not move her lips even a little to the lyrics of the song but the models did. 

According to "The Cut" Ricky Saiz directed this video in Brooklyn and the video was inspired by George Michael's "Freedom" video of the 90's that featured Cindy Crawford, Christy Turilington, Naomi Campbell and few other super models of those days. 

He said- "It was amazing. We wanted to do something contemporary and a bit more street and of course, use iconic black women".

I think I have watched this video more than 50 time already before I started writing this blog post. 

Well Ricky, mission accomplished well and good! 

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