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Monday 5 August 2013

Springing from Apes

So here is the thing- In my head I always like to think that I am the most attractive man in my city... well saying earth would just make everyone barf.... not that saying city makes it any easier.

I guess it’s quite clear by now that I like to live in a delusional world and boy o boy ain’t that fun! Try doing it if you are NOT rich or famous, thin or pretty, smart or intelligent. So basically try doin it if you’re a douchbag. I do it all the F’ing time :D

Truth of the matter is – We all sprang from apes, BUT I did not spring too far. (Influenced by a read on the internet) At least that’s what my mirror says.  I asked my mirror-


MIRROR-  Stupid hoe. If you put eyes and nose up Amanda Bynes drunk arse, that will look prettier than your f*****g face. So stop askin me that you psychotic bitch. You ain’t pretty!

ME-   tear in my eyes- sulk sulk- ran to my bedroom- face in the pillow embarrassed- drooling all over. (I am classy when I cry.)   

DISCLAIMER- My words may come across as offensive to some. Some might think I am superficial. (Sometimes well... maybe. I don’t deny that.) I have taken help from the best of psychics, psychologists, health gurus, even considered separating myself from the world and become a hermit sitting on the top of Himalayas in order to master the art of astral projection. But I guess I will just start getting high or doing heroin, taking ecstasy or start injecting cocaine in order to forget that I live in the real world.

If I disgust you then please stop reading my blog rite away as it may result into mind f*** for which I will not hold myself responsible.

Anyway,so getting back to a rather disappointing reality.

I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger. I may sound like I am full of shit but common, give this little unattractive retarded brown boy from India a little credit for keeping some of ya’ll out their entertained.

Fashion is not only for skinny, tall, well built or rich people. It’s for everyone. It makes half your personality. It talks for you. It does a lot for you without you realizing it. 

So be classy and sassy... for all you know, the people you thought were looking at you funny, mocking you, making jokes on your expense are just jealous because they can’t be you.
Life is too short to worry about petty matters, think and over think things. Be who you are, love your family, never let anything and anyone come in between your career/future, work hard, be honest, help the poor, choose your friends and maintain a never ending friendship.  Rest will fall in place and you will thank God for it.  


I am sorry for putting these one year old pictures as I have not been doing shoots lately due to circumstances but I guess I needed to look like a jungle boy in this post as the title says Springing from Apes. Photo credit goes to my very good friend and talented photographer Mathilda Perrot.


  1. This is what I'm like the most ! Just amazing

    1. Thanks a lot dear. I went through your blogs too. Loved it :)

  2. to much inspiration sweet!

  3. Wow! I like it ;)


  4. So intense pics, I love the great colors and light, all is perfect! Great job!
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