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Monday 15 July 2013

The Walk of Shame

You must probably be wondering or perhaps thinking that this blog is about me doing the walk of shame??..........yaaoo.........................Helllllll no!!!    I'm a good boy and besides "I don't really get ashamed of anything that I do". (With all the puns intended). M a proud Mary.......LOL.

This blog is a direct result of waking up on a Sunday morning from a weird dream in my own room and wondering where the f*** am I??    Then I realized ... ahh... phewww.........

So it got me thinking... why do we call it a walk of shame???  Coz honey.. the previous night you were "doin it" with full pride, gettin your "Shades of Grey" on then whats to get ashamed of the next morning?

They all are going to find it out anyway..... the disheveled hair, smudged eye make up, previous night's cute black dress which now makes you look like a whore walking down the street with your look alike Louboutin heels in your hand and frantically trying to get away from everyone's sight.

So here are few tips to deal with it- 
  1. Carry extra clothes- When you know that you are going on a wild night out with your friends and there are chances of you hooking up with someone, make sure that you carry a small bag with few necessities and no I'm not talking just about safety which is really important but also something to cover yourself like a shawl or a sweater. If that's not possible then at least borrow something from your B*** buddy and return it later without expecting things again. (You know what I mean rite?)    
  2. Say no to Crushes- If you see that you might end up shacking with one of your college crushes then please stay away as it might lead to guilt or great expectations the next morning and you will never be able to forgive yourself for doing that. I know it's difficult as crushes are the fantasies we all wanna "DO"but trust me- you do not wanna go through that 'bite me in the ass' feeling. For all you know then next day he or she might not even say hi to you coz it was just a one night thing and its over.
  3. Make it a memory- To be on the safe side, just keep it as a good memory and say thanks to him/her while you are leaving and if it has to happen again then it will but till then.... don't be the needy one please.
  4. Walk with pride- Well... if there is one thing you can do to avoid all the gazing on the street while you are walking, it is to walk pretending you are not ashamed and if you are being looked at then look back and give a gentle morning smile coz gurlfriend you are not fooling anyone. It will ease the awkwardness out. 
  5.  Freshen up- It does not take a lot of energy to freshen up before you leave his/her house. So wash your face, clean your teeth with your fingers, do your hair,pull your socks up, leave a note of thank you and push off. 
  6. Keep an UNAPOLOGETIC attitude- Last but not the least, it's quite normal to bump into your night stand again in broad daylight , in college or in the library or wherever. The best way to deal with it is to give a smile and then give an expression that says- " I was drunk and you just got lucky".  SNAP SNAP. Tune up your sass level (wink). 

All the pictures have been taken by my very close friend David J Ashwal and edited by my newly found budding 20 year old photographer friend Allen. You can click on their names and check out their flicker accounts.  It's always good to work with different people and explore talent. 


  1. Spectacular post! (;

  2. Super look me encanta los shorts bien cortos

    Saludos Jeff

    1. Thanks a lot Jeff. I like to read your blogs too :)

  3. what an amazing boy you are!

    1. awww... your sweet to say that. Thanks Michelle :)

  4. you guys made my day with this smiley :)

  5. great post! <3


    1. thanks a lot dear... I just checked your blog too... your amazing .. loved it <3