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Thursday 11 July 2013

Fashion in India- Where modernity and tradition collides

India is a country of rich culture and heritage, where each region has its own tradition and each tradition has its own attire. It is quite fascinating to see how Women and Men show their respect to the country’s tradition by adding ethnicity to their modernized outfits in one way or the other.  
Over the last two decades a lot has changed in the “Indian Fashion world”. The designers get inspired and choose from the best of both east and the west making the scenario look quite vibrant.  The collision of fashion can be seen on the streets as well as on the ramps.

I am a fashion lover and like any other blogger I search for fashion everywhere. Motivated by the same thought and inspired by the rich culture of my Country I spent a day walking around on the streets of “Bangalore”- A city in the South of India.
Bangalore is supposed to be one of the most modern cities of India and I wanted to study -How the development and the modernity have affected/influenced the dressing sense of people and what is “IN” in the Year 2013?  
I decided to narrow down my target audience to only “youth”. I met a lot of young girls  spoke with them and asked them their view point on fashion and what has 2013 brought in the stores of India and if they are following any particular trend?
I was quite surprised to see how globalization has influenced the fashion scenario in India.

On one hand I met people who said trends do not affect Indians so on the other hand I met people who were following high street fashion, but there was one thing common in both the teams and that was- they all said- “Fashion in India does not change but the design does”.

Year 2013.It may look like that the streets are full of people with high heels, short skirts, pants, backless tops, high ankle boots but if you take a closer look you will see that India is still holding the youthful femininity. 

Glittery bangles, nose rings, dangling ear rings and Bindis  never go out of fashion and it has gained international recognition, specially after celebrities like Oprah Winfrey  MadonnaGwenStefani and MileyCyrus wore them. This season women of India are mixing it with western outfits be it the just the attire or the look along with the hair etc. 

Miss Mauritius 2009 in India- Anais Veerapatren             

Model: Anais Veerapatren
Photographer: Bosco Naveen

Few years back sequin and embroidery could be only seen on specific occasions like weddings and festivals .

This year sequin and embroidery can be seen everywhere and on almost everything. For example- accessories, tops, skirts,shoes etc. This made me come to a conclusion that- This year "bling" is in demand.