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Saturday 22 February 2014

Something OLD Something NEW Something BORROWED Something BLUE.

Have you ever been in a situation where you ran out of clothes and you have absolutely no idea what to put together? Okay forget about running out of clothes, what if you forgot to do laundry or you were too busy to do laundry and one fine morning you woke up realizing you have an important meeting which demands a fancy look? 

Same was the case with me. I forgot to do laundry and ran out of clothes and it was the day I had a meeting with a professional stylist. With all the limited resources I had to do my best and look my best. So this is what I did-

  1. New hair do- I got myself a new hair do. Well this is not so new but I just went a little more narrow on top this time. So yeah kinda new. I felt like a new person after getting this done.
  2. Blue Pants- I had only one clean pants left in my wardrobe. That was my jeans. I had to put an ensemble together which would go with a blue Lee Cooper jeans. 
  3. New shirt- Last month I got myself a custom made Zegna check shirt. Yeah customized. I talk class this days...lol.... My shirt miraculously went well with the blue jeans.
  4. Old blazer-I wanted to look elegant for the meeting so I took out my grey blazer which I purchased last year from Louis Philippe.
  5. Brand new Bow Tie- My sister gifted me a Jack and Jones bow tie on Christmas Last year which I hadn't had a chance to wear, so I finally took it out of the box. The pattern of my shirt and the bow tie was similar but thankfully not the same. My bow tie demonstrated stronger statement than my shirt and complimented the look.
  6. Old shoes- The only pair of shoes that went well with this ensemble was my brown tasseled Blanca loafers. It's two years old but I love how it looks. 
  7. Borrowed bag- I finished my look with a vintage leather bag that I borrowed from my good friend "Rama". He came to my rescue.

So here I was, all set to go and rock the meeting with the stylist in my something OLD something NEW something BORROWED and something BLUE. 

Gosh it's amazing how I did not make use of any swear words in this post. I mean really.....isn't it awesome? Hell yeah.... I f*****g nailed this s**t. 

All the pictures have been taken by my good friend Allan Raj. Check out his flickr account by clicking on his name.