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Wednesday 19 March 2014

Fashion Vodka Launch, Bangalore 2014

It was just an ordinary day for me until I received an invitation to attend a Fashion Vodka Launch in Bangalore on 13th of March which was last week. It was completely new for me, I mean I was aware of such events happening but never attended one. 

I received the invite a night before and I was trying to figure out what to wear. It's difficult to put an ensemble together on such short notice. As usual I had nothing interesting to wear so I pulled out my shirt which I had custom made two years ago. My black suit jacket and skinny jeans. None of them were new.I wanted to add a little bit of uummm.... wait.... ummm... how do I put this delicately..... I wanted to put a bit of  (Heyyyy look at me coz m fab) to my ensemble. So I wore a satin ribbon around my neck. Not bad ha! 

Anyway.... it was quite a day for me as I had work all day long then go for this event but thanks to Fashion TV for organizing such a fabulous party with free drinks. 

The show started with models walkin down the runway in lingerie, strutting their stuff..... with great music for the crowd to groove along with. There were delicious snacks being served and I literally looked like the only one stopping the waiters and stuffing my face. Rest every one were quite self conscious ... or maybe I just eat a lot and don't give a shit. I had a control over my drinks though. By the end of the night I had all my pictures taken, video made (kinda shaky) and I did not come falling out of the hotel. So I am proud of myself.  Oh and by the way... the vodka tasted good. It was sweet. I did not twitch my face while I was drinkin it. 

Here is the video that I made. Well to be honest it's terrible. I had no control over my cam ..lol but you can still see whats goin on and enjoy the music that I put on it. 


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