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Thursday 19 December 2013

FERVOUR Bangalore. A retail store that every fashion lover must drop by!

You know whats funny? The fact that my mother stalks me on Facebook using my Dad's account (coz she does not have one yet) and calls me on my cell phone to tell me that I have a star's quality and that I could pass for a model!

Sighhh... now that's a joke that should be written and kept in Joan Rivers life long written joke rack. I guess it's just like the good old saying- "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" crap. My mommy is so innocent she does not know what photoshop is capable of doing. I remember the time when I told her that I wanted to get cosmetic surgery done. I wanted to get my nose fixed, jawline corrected,eyes stretched,chin extended,stomach sucked, pecs implanted etc etc. She really thought that I was losing my mind.. I mean really she thought I was going cu cu in the head. 

Now jokes apart, as ya'll know that my stories 99% of the times makes absolutely no sense that's why I'm gonna get down to business and tell you about how special I felt when I was invited to "FERVOUR" a newly opened clothing retail outlet in Bangalore which launched three giant brands for the very first time in India.

  1. Dsquared2
  2. Iceberg
  3. Frankie Morello 

I know rite? I was getting the chills too when I heard that I will be getting a chance to try out their outfits. I got the invite through and email and boy oh boy I couldn't be happier. First of all Dsquared2 is like one of my favorite brands and the chance to feel their outfits for the very first time was makin me nuts. 

The Store was launched on the 1st of November 2013 and has a wide range of collections both for men and for women. The collection includes- casuals, formals,winter wear, shoes, bags, accessories and perfumes. 

Trust me, you gotta visit "Fervour" to feel it. The staff of the store are very welcoming. If you have never got a chance to shop with a personal shopper/stylist/fashion advisor then Fervour is the place to go. 

I was lucky enough to be invited to checkout the collection at the time when Ms.Mary Van Der Hoff was there. Who is she? Oh well...... Ms Mary (from the Netherlands) is an experienced Personal shopper and Fashion Advisor (stylist) and a leading practitioner in the European Fashion world. Mary has worked in several major fashion business with leading brands to dress up discerning male and female customers. Oh what a charming lady she is. Sadly she was in India for only few weeks. 

It was a pleasure meeting her and for that evening I had her as my personal shopper and fashion advisor. It was a great feeling because we could connect with each other, out thinking about fashion was almost the same, our clothes selection was similar.

I mostly tried the fall winter look with sweaters, waistcoats, fitted jeans with casual shoes, formal shirt with chinos and tan dress shoes.  

All the article of clothing that I tried on was only Dsquared2 as you know I am a big fan so there was no way I could have left any untouched. Next time when I go then I will definitely try the rest.All the pictures have been taken by my Mili's (my sister from another mother) samsung phone. Poor girl saved my sorry ass coz none of the photographers were available that day and I was in desperate need of someone to click my picture and I could not rely on my phone coz it is so bad that no one would even steal it. 

So now here is the address. Go and knock yourself out.

Fervour, 18/2, Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore
Ph no- 91 80 22222326

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