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Sunday 1 December 2013

Aviraté - Miss France collection launched at UB City.

On the 27th of November, I got an invite from Avirate to attend the launch of "Miss France" Collection at UB City in Bangalore. I was more than thrilled to be a part of this event. Now for those of you who do not know much about Avirate- It's a high end international brand for women. From dresses to gowns, tops, blouses, skirts,jeans,rompers, leggings, lingerie to accessories, Avirate is a one stop destination for a woman of substance.

Avirate was first launched in Sri Lanka in 2010 and then it came to India in 2011. The range of women's apparel it offers is remarkable. No compromise on quality and design. So if you are a fashionista then you know exactly where to go. 

The best part was when I started looking for something to buy for my sister who happens to be a large size woman. I had no hopes if finding anything in there but then came a polite spoken sales executive who told me that the brand offers clothes for all sizes right till size 16. I was amazed. 

Adding to the charm of the evening was "Cafe Noir" serving exquisite French food and wine.
At the venue was present Mr. Jahid Osaman, Managing Director, Avirate India. I was lucky enough to be having a wonderful conversation with such a dynamic person who personally explained to me what his purpose of Introducing this brand in India was.

"We wanted to give luxury clothing in a very affordable price to our women of India. The same line of clothing if bought outside India will cost you a lot but we at Avirate India believe in giving the best at low prices". 

He then went on explaining the design and the cut of the clothes and about the designers behind the creation. Must say, Mr. Jahid is a true Gentleman.

The evening progressed with women trying on various outfits and clicking pictures. I sighed as Avirate is exclusively for women but with all the free wine that was running in my blood stream, at one point of time I had half a mind of trying out the high heels. With all the weird things that I have done, taking this step wouldn't really spoil my image..... (as if I have any).lol

Oh and did I mention that there was this one point when I suddenly bumped into a French man and said excuse moi just to realize that he was Mr. Eric Lavertu, Council General de France who was the guest of honor. Yeahhhh.... we hung out......Kindaaa........ (Just that he did not know that I was hanging out with him). 

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