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Saturday 19 October 2013

Sticky situation.

Like seriously! This damn shirt costed me less than I spend on a KFC meal but I am kinda in love with it. The fabric is not something to die for but hey I think it makes me look good and the Fedora is the new thing that I have been doing lately. Just so you know- this shirt has pineapple print allover but I hate pineapples. It gives me irritable tongue and I value my tongue wayyyy to much to harm it even a bit. They say my tongue has career and it alone can do wonders and may turn me into a rich dude over night. Hmmm... I sometimes wonder what would that be? Is it what I think it is? Well right now the only image that's in my mind is Miley Cyrus licking the sledge hammer in Wrecking Ball video. Haven't seen the insane Hannah Montana girl gone wild video? then click here. Wellllll... come to think of it.. now that makes sense... it's all coming to me -Tongue/Lick/sledgehammer/balls... HashF*****gTag. 

I love the way I am not at all following the title of this blog. I somehow had no clue what to name this post while I started writing. I guess it's got something to do with the horse tranquilizer that I took in the afternoon to easy the unpleasant state of inner turmoil which they call Anxiety. It still is a mystery how clothes can make you feel good or bad. For those who have a kick ass body with washboard abs...ya'll look good wearin nothin at all .. that's a whole different story. 

All the pictures have been clicked by my dear frind Shilpa. Check out her facebook page here.

Shirt- Warehouse
Jeans- Levis
Shoes- Converse
Fedora- Tie Rack


  1. Your shirt is amazing! You look cool in a fedora hat too
    Nice style boy!

  2. si nice look! love this top!!


  3. Hello hello look who we have here! :D How have you been? Hahaha about Miley Cyrus, she's just going through a rough transition period! You look good Prashanth! It is certainly good to see you again!

    Love Nilu Yuleena,
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

    1. and nice to finally see your comment on my blog Nilu :) Thanks a lot.