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Monday 14 October 2013

Interviewing Miss Mauritius 2009

Would you believe me if I said former Miss Mauritius is my dear friend? Would you? Well then you must suck it because she is. After waiting for a long time I finally am publishing my interview with this exotic beauty queen.

Presenting Miss Mauritius 2009- Anais Veerapatren.
By- Kunal Jankee

(What first made you realize that you loved fashion?)

I was a girly girl when I was a kid. I always loved dressing up, matching my shoes, clothes, hat and bag. It was clear that I loved fashion. Today, I take my style seriously and I don't feel really myself when I'm not dressed appropriately. Simple, smart and elegant would sum up what I like for myself.

(How old were you when you decided that you wanted to enter into the modeling world? Was it difficult?)

I have always been attracted by fashion, the fierceness of models on the stage and the clothing masterpieces of designers. I was envying the confidence of those models and wished I could be the star of a night just like they appeared on the TV screen . I wanted to start modeling since I was 15 or so but my parents would not hear it and I was not allowed to join an agency until I finished my high school. So I waited and one day, someone offered me to join an agency in Mauritius. I was 18. It was hard because I did not have the right walk nor attitude for the stage. So I practiced, practiced and practiced and I became a model.

(How does it feel to be a former Miss Mauritius?)

It has been, for me, an achievement like any other but winning the title made my life one thousand times more exciting. I was proud to be elected an ambassador of my country and even more to act as such. I still do in everything that I do although I passed on the crown a long time ago. Being a former beauty queen does not make me in any way better than anybody else. I only feel lucky and blessed for the opportunity that came along my way.

By- Kunal Jankee

By-Kunal Jankee
(What according to you is fashion?)

It can be many things but I define fashion as an attitude. It is the image you chose for yourself and how you carry it.

(Who are your favorite designers?)

I love Burberry's trench-coats and scarves. They are my favorite winter essentials. on a more glamorous note, I'd never get bored watching Marc Jacob's creating for Louis Vuitton. Tastefully creative and unique. I think he is amazing. It's a pity that he left LV. 

(Do you invest a lot in luxury clothing?)

I don't hesitate to buy something I love but would never spend more than I can afford!Luxury clothing is expensive. It is a treat to myself rather than a priority.

(Which is your favorite country in the world and if given a chance where would you like to settle down and why?)

Mauritius will always be home and I doubt I'd be able to find that feeling anywhere else. However, my second best would be the USA. It remains in my mind the symbol of a country where achieving any dream is possible: a land of freedom and hope.

(Do you want to further have a full time career in the modeling world?)

After 10 years in the modeling industry, I now chose to move on to something different. I want to discover further realms and explore other parts of my personality through different activities. Fashion and modeling will however always remain a favorite. I still accept to model for assignments which seduce me or for interesting projects.

(What fashion and styling advice would you like to give to my readers?)

Fashion is about projecting who you are. It is a message. Hence, if your style is meant to speak for yourself, choose it carefully to express the identity that you want to reveal to those who will notice. 

By-Kunal Jankee

By-Rohit Zutshi

Thank You very much Anais for talking to me. Wishing you all the best and happiness. 

You can follow Anais on her Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/anais.veerapatren

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