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Saturday 15 June 2013

This ones for my daddy.

When I started writing this blog I thought of including all the wonderful things that my father did for me. All the unconditional love, sacrifices, putting my wants, needs and desires first without even thinking about himself, but then I decided to keep all that personal and just say-

Dear Papa,

Thank you for always being there.Thanks for putting up with all my weirdness and accepting me the way I am. Thanks for not scolding me when I spent all my pocket money on a pair of shoes. Thanks for believing in me even when the society was against me. I know I did not turn out to be the son you always wanted but one day I will make you proud and that is a promise of your only son who is walking AGAINST THE WORLD.

Love and kisses

and for all my lovely readers who want to know more about my father... here is a pic to prove it all.. Daddy cool <3

picture taken by my beautiful mom <3 


  1. so sweet you are and also crazzy thats what I love

    1. Thank for all your wonderful comments Michelle :D

  2. Very nice writing!