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Monday 10 June 2013

How to master- "The art of French Kiss"

I got you all excited. Din't I? (wink). I won't disappoint. 

Just so you know, lately I have been spending a lot of time on skype talking to my very close friend Jess. He happens to be a confused French boy (as I like to call him). His mother is French, Father is from Spain but his grand father is African.He was born in Paris, grew up in Switzerland.At the age of 15 moved back to France. Phewwwww.... I know rite!!

On Sunday, believe me or not, I had a whole one hour session of French kiss tutorial on skype and yeah when I say on skype I mean live tutorial. 

Not that I do not know it... hell my tongue has a career they say, but it was quite exciting/funny to have someone trying to teach me the art of kissing. According to Jess... I don't know shit about it.... Well I guess now I know enough to write a blog about it. So here we go...........

1)Kissing essential- Kissing is the most vital  part of foreplay, its a symbol of romantic passion therefore its very important to keep your mouth clean. Breath mint, tic tacs, mouth spray are the essentials you would want to always keep in your pockets. Nothing is more turning off than bad breath. No matter how good you look,how sexy your legs or body is but if your breath honks like a skunks arse then there ain't no way in the world your gettin laid. 

2)Keep your lips soft: Carry chap sticks. Rub it on before the moment comes and just in case you forgot to carry one then run your tongue over your lips and press it together to make it soft. It is not very attractive to have chapped lips before kissing because sometimes it just pokes. keep yourself hydrated and you will not need chap sticks quite often.

3)Feel the breath: Before you start getting "at it", feel your partners breath, tease a bit, feel the lips...just the tip.. keep it slow and brush each others lips. This process will get your partner even more excited and will have him/her want more. 

4)Get down to business: After building the foundation, you would know if your partner is ready to take things further or not. Depending on that start the lip locking session.

5)Choose a side: For God's sake and your own- choose a side. Don't just keep bobbling your head in a confused manner. Switch sides but only with mutual understanding. Hold your partners neck and direct it in the moment and with the flow. Tilt your head from the left to the right, open your mouth and give your partner some freedom. This spices up the session. 

6)Lip locking:Put your lips in between your partners lips and lock it, suck it out and let it go. Slowly stick your tongue out and start using it. Remember to do everything in moderation. Know when to stop or when your partner wants you to stop. Repeat this technique changing the position of the lips. 

7)Tongues control: Please remember, that too much of tongue action ain't good. It sometimes may turn out to be a disaster and scare your partner away. Do not try to eat him or her up. The idea is to give pleasure and not choke the person.

8)Breath easy: Last but not the least, give yourself a little break. Breathe and talk for a while. Caress your partners neck, put your finger through the hair,give a little hug and then continue and take it further to wherever you think is appropriate (if you know what I mean) but above all... make sure that you and your partner are enjoying the intimacy. 

Now coming to what I am wearing- I need to give special thanks to my beautiful friend Marie who gifted me two H&M tank tops.Boy how lucky am I to have a friend like her who completes me.(big hug)BTW.... She works for "Louis Vuitton".

 One is what I am wearing and the next one will be uploaded soon.

                                                                     Jacket- Zara
Tank top- H&M
Jeans- Levis 
Shoes- Louis Philippe 

All pictures have been taken by my good friend Shilpa.


  1. At first i was afraid of " rules ".. But you emphasize the fact there are no rules except " feel, listen an adapt ": good job !
    No excesses !

    Nice shoes btw !

    1. Thanks to your Country Max for making me a pro at it ..hehe

  2. The boyyy is back yesss did mis u. WOW you look amazing, love that shoes


  3. Thanks a lot... I liked you on facebook and now following on twitter :)

  4. Oh my! this was so juicy.
    I actually picked up a thing or two lol
    Great post
    Great outfit

    1. lol.. Thanks.. I am glad you liked it.

  5. Great look, LOVE the shirt with the jacket!!


    1. Thank you very much. I just checked out your blog. Loved it :)

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