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Thursday 23 May 2013

Answering my very first set of questions.

Hello there my lovely readers. For a very long time (till the time I started writing this blog) I had a feeling that what I say and write does not make a lot of sense..... but what do you know there are people who actually think that I can be of some help to them. It's a feel good factor .....it kinda makes me feel cool (blush blush). 

I was taken by surprise (huge one) when I opened my email yesterday and found 6 mails from different people asking me questions.

I wanted to mention all the questions here but I could not so I narrowed it down to 4..... the other two were not so appropriate for my blog..... I mean just because I wrote about "no sex with your ex" does not make me a sexiologist. Google for your doubts guys...............seriously!

I think by now you might have guessed the content of those two questions. (wink)

Okay so let me for once act like I am genius at answering questions. This is what I wrote back in the email. 

1)Hi Adam, I have been to India once, I have traveled across from North to South. I loved the country, the culture.I made lot of friends It was very interesting for me to see Indian people dress the way they do but you are quit different.To me you come across as someone who is very daring at his approach, specially in terms of dressing. How did you get like that and don't you face problems in your day to day life? I have been with Indian people and they are not like you. - Alex from Lyon, France. 

Hi Alex, first of all, Adam is my blog name. My real name is Prashant Priyadarshi, which I absolutely hate. (Deeeeaaarrr God....I don't know what my grand father was thinking while selecting a name for me). BARF!!!!
I think my love for clothes comes from my mother. When I was a little boy she always dressed me in the most distinctive ways.She did not want me to look like other peoples children at all (and also because I was ugly as f*** and making me look pretty involved lot of hard work...lol). Anyway coming back to your question- my mothers love for clothes brushed on to me and started growing and it has been there ever since. I just do not like to look common.I like being different. Problems? Yes... dressing the way I do is like inviting trouble in India but so far I have not faced anything major and I hope I don't. Well I have been called names and laughed at but then.... who gives a ****. I do not have to spend the rest of my life with them!!

2)You wrote the break up rules. I cannot exactly agree with you because my ex and I are still friends and we spend time together without having sex. I think you should really consider writing another blog about "how to stay friends with your ex". -Heather from North Carolina,USA. 

Yes I did write it but I never said that my rules are the edge of glory. My humble apology if that put you off but if you read my blog again then you will see that I said that being "best friends" with your ex is not possible. You can of course be just friends. I mean that blog is just a reflection of my personal ideas. You are totally allowed to disagree with me. 

3)I am really skinny and I love tank tops but I do not think it will look nice on me. Does that mean I can never wear tanks?? -Sergio from Madrid,Spain. 

Sergio, you should really take a look at the Vanity teen boys. How skinny they are and how they pull off tank tops. Go for lose fitted tank tops. It will make you feel good and not make you conscious about being skinny. Do not hesitate to show off your skin. You live in Madrid and I know boys there do not like wearing clothes in summers...lol.

4)I believe fashion in India is taking a new direction. When are you planning to show us something ethnic? -Carla from Madrid, Spain. 

I personally feel that Indian menswear market is far behind women's wear market but it has been growing. India very surprisingly is the fourth destination in the world which holds men's fashion week. In the past 4 to 6 years Men in India have become fashion conscious and want to look more presentable. I will be writing a blog about Indian Fashion very soon not sure when but I will.     

Picture taken by my friend David Ashwal. 



  1. I love how you think! Amazing xjes

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  4. Iam waiting on your new post boy!

    1. I am working on something interesting rite now... Lets see if people like it. I should be done in a day or so :)

  5. Nice post, like the photo!