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Wednesday 29 May 2013

Abercrombie and Fitch disaster.

As a blogger I think it's my duty to share my thoughts and feelings with my readers. That's exactly what I have been doing all these months and will continue doing it. 

Today's topic is very intense as I hold it against "Abercrombie and Fitch" the American clothing company. I am sure you must have heard about the recent catastrophe that proliferated because of the insensitive CEO of the company Michael Jeffries. If you haven't then click here

Do not get me wrong, I am not going to talk about the same thing and bore you but I would like to bring in the chain of misfortune that the company had to face just because of the management, not only the company but the models working there as well. 

Okay so I get it. It's all about marketing, advertising strategies, making your business run..... the company mostly runs because of the attractive model staffs that it hires but if you take all those half naked bodies out of the stores then the company will be left with nothing but very average looking clothes. 

CEO's statement " We go after the attractive, all American kid with a great attitude and a lot of friends" has pushed the company in a tornado of controversies. The company is also being questioned for ill treating the models that it hires. 

A&F had made rules on proper underwear for the models working on A&F jet. I do not get it... who is going to see boxers on a jet anyway? Not only that, the employees are suppose to wear flip flops while greeting the passengers regardless of how cold their feet are.These are just two of the examples that a 40-plus pages instruction book holds.All this came out in the news mostly after the corporate jet pilot Michael Stephen was fired and replaced by a younger man. (That is just mean).

Now beat this- Turns out not only the CEO  but the other management at the company also ill treat the models.Around a year back model Benjamine Bowers sued A&F because the model agent Brian Hilburn forced him to masturbate on the set of photo shoot in order to look more relaxed. 
According to the reports Benjamine was just a sales person at a local A&F store when a casting director realized that he might have more talent. He referred Bowers to modeling agent Brian Hilburn and he was immediately sent to Mississippi for a photo shoot. 

During the photo shoot Hilburn forced Benjamine to touch himself butt naked in order to look more relaxed. This did not end there... later the conversation went on to size comparison. It was only after a year that Benjamine concluded that it was all done for Hilburn own sick satisfaction.

I guess the company has forgotten that the models are not their slaves but the ambassador of the style that the company believes in and that keeping them happy is one the first things that should be kept in mind.

There was another step taken by the giant company which brought it into news flash- "Over the top sexy ad campaigns" using only male models. Watch it here.

Last year during my stay in Madrid I was looking for a part time job and I went to A&F store just to try my luck and let me tell you, No matter how smart you are, how many degrees you have completed or medals you have won but if your not TALL, SKINNY and PRETTY then there is NOWAY in the world that A&F will let you in.  

Picture taken by my friend Mathilda 


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