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Monday 29 April 2013

Facing humiliation in the face and being fearless!!

All those years of nagging and complaining about my looks, my skin color, my height, my weight is slowly coming to an end. Thanks to all my wonderful friends who have helped me to overcome my insecurities, for walking with me all along the way. I now feel better about myself more than ever. I know I am not rich, my job does not pay what I dreamed of but then it's just the start and I know I will get there slowly but surely.

It's very easy to sit back and judge people and I know there are people in my home town, looking at my blogs and Facebook page and wondering WTF is wrong with me.Lately I have been receiving messages from random dick headed assholes asking me why do I dress the way I do? Whats the point of blogging about it and making it so public,Why do I talk about fashion when I am an International business student and If I swing the other way? I mean first of all why do you even care?Do you have a lack in life? Don't you have things to do or get the poop off your own shoes? 

I got just one answer for y'all- Take that finger and shuv it up your own rotting arse!!

I love fashion and everything related to it. It makes me different, unusual and I like that part about myself, being unpredictable, making people think twice and being unique is what I have always loved. It does not matter if even my own relatives hate me coz I got my people who I call my world. 

I do not care if I have dislikes and negative responses to my pictures and blogs but if I can have only one person who appreciates me and gets me then that's more than enough for but hey don't get me wrong ...I got more than enough friends who not only appreciate me but motivate and educate me to be fearless.

Anyway... getting back to my blogging. Saturday was one hell of a day for me. I guess the busiest I have been in three months. It's always advisable to keep an alarm ready when you know  your shifts are tight the next day and waking up early is essential. Welllll... that's exactly what I forgot to do. Had to rush through shower, no breakfast, no time to polish my shoes and absolutely no time to even think about what to wear. Lucky enough for me I had these floral pants hanging on my chair  which I bought two weeks back and the fabulous pair of Nike shoes. The way I pulled my clothes out from my closet almost looked like I was taking rags out to throw. Oh by the way .... I know the look ain't that great but you will love the detail of my bag which is- It is completely made out of weed fiber. 

All the pictures have been taken by my fabulous friend Shilpa.

Shirt- Tailored 
Tank top- Old H&M shirt which I cut and made it a tank top.
Floral Pants- From a local store of Bangalore (got no money to shop)
Shoes- Nike
Bag- made out of weed fiber 


  1. I love those shoes I want them in pink do we get it in pink? N I like the pants too :*

    I love the idea of blogging even tho I can never write one n I think u have done justice to the blog
    all the best I know u r gonna be really famous one day n the ppl who have been so cruel to u will realize how wrong they wer besides its the job of a dog to bark at things they can never get so I wud say let the ppl bark away while we ride our cars
    love u soo much bhaiya

    1. Well said sweetheart. I have stopped paying attention to losers. It's just waste of time. Love me or hate me either which ways they're thinking of me ...hahaha. Yeah m sure u will get it in pink.

  2. lurrrvvvvvvv the loook... n i like wat u did with the old t shirt...creative.. :)

  3. Totally... they don't deserve any attention !!

  4. I am overwelmed and I love it.

    1. Thanks a lot Milex :)I was just looking at your blogs. Loved it <3