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Saturday 6 April 2013

Breaking in with Spring

It's marvelous to see the weather change beautifully. The colors in the sky, the rainbow, the trees and the flowers.

Spring is the most amazing season of all, following winter and preceding summer. In India we consider Spring as a season of rebirth, regrowth, rejuvenation, joy and also festivals like Holi, Easter and Ugadi.

Photo by Shilpa

by Shilpa

by Shilpa

Inspired by most of the fashion icons, designers, stylists, I also believe that one should dress up according to the season and the mood.

On a beautiful Spring Saturday afternoon,after  having a hectic week, I was in a mood of some virgin mojito with my friends. As the day was bright and colorful, I decided to wear something to compliment the season as well as my pleasant mood.

Surprisingly, I saw a lot of men wearing colors on the street (for a change I din't feel like a freak as most of the men in India believe that colors are meant for women and that being in shades of grey is the way to show masculinity to the world)- Losers I tell ya!!

Anyway, long story short- Spring is here and y'all should f*****g enjoy it.

All the pictures have been taken by my friend Shilpa.


  1. you rock in those colors mix. amazing

  2. cute outfit, love the acid colours combination you did!

  3. Lovely colors mix !!



    1. thanks Ivan... Just checked out your blogs... loved it :D

  4. thanks guys I appreciate it so much :)